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Adventure Immersion Lab Adventure Races

We have a promising 2024 Spring & Summer ahead of us and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

From an Urban race in the Beautiful town of Kelowna to a 6 hour race in Kamloops in the Spring, followed by a breathtaking multi day, multi sport, stage race in the heart of the Rockies at the beginning of the Summer and an 8 hour adventure race to finish off our season at the amazing resort of Sun Peaks end of August. It is going to be a busy season filled with incredible adventures that will yield lasting memories.

Adventure Immersion Lab Urban Race 6H - Kelowna

Our First Event to Kick up the spring season is this fun 6 hour Urban Race with a format a little different than our usual adventure races.

Participants will go around the town of Kelowna in teams of 2 or more trying to find checkpoints and participate in challenges using their maps but also clues given to them at the start.

Location & Date: Kelowna, May 25th 2024

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Adventure Immersion Lab Off-road Duathlon Race 6H, Kamloops 

Join up this spring for a fun 6 hour mountain bike and trail run  event in the heart of Kamloops.

Participants Solo and Team of 2 Relay will complete as many loops of both the mountain bike and on foot loops as they can finish in 6 hours.

Location & Date: Kamloops. Kenna Cartwright Park,  June 1st 2024. 

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Adventure Immersion Lab presents Raid The Rockies Multi day staged Adventure Race

This is our First Multi day staged Adventure Race in the Rockies and we are so excited about this!

Teams of 2, 3 or 4 will Mountain bike, Trek (Run), Packraft and use their rope skills for some canyoning and other surprises whilst finding their way through the amazing and breath taking sceneries that lays around Abraham Lake.

Be prepared to embark on a multi day journey with your team, racing between 10 to 16 hours a day. This 3,5 days race will test your limit whilst filling you with unforgettable memories.

Location & Date: Abraham Lake (AB), June 21st-24th 2024.

Limited entry to 80 participants. Get your team in while it last!!!

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Adventure Immersion Lab Adventure Race 8H - Sun Peaks Edition

Our Last Event of the season is taking us to the beautiful Sun Peaks Resort.

Solo and teams of 2 will tackle an 8h or 4h ("lite" version) course on Mountain bikes, on foot and Paddling whilst navigating using only maps and compass. 

Date & Location: Sun Peaks Resort - August 17th 2024

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Adventure Immersion Lab
Winter Adventure Race - Back In 2025

Our Winter Adventure Race Series is comprised of 2 races over the winter in Kelowna & West Kelowna.

Bring your xc skis (classic or skates), your snowshoes & your sense of adventure and join us for a half day of fun on the trails at one or both of these venues.

Collect as many checkpoints as you can or wish and return to the finish line before the end of the 4h mark. You may choose to stay on skis or snowshoes the entire time or to switch means of transport during the race but you cannot go on snowshoe trails with skis and vice versa.

Some points will only be accessible on skis and some only on snowshoes so if you aim to clear the course you will need both means of transport.

Good navigational skills and strategy planning will make the difference!

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Telemark Ski Club West Kelowna


Course Designing, Race Directing

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